Friday, January 18, 2013

Boxes and Nostepinnes

Still having fun on the lathe - mostly lidded boxes and more nostepinnes lately.

Cherry (on left) and Red Gum
Same cherry box on left with lid; Honduran mahogany on right
Camphor Burl nostepinne - the lathe room smelled great!
Catching up on January exercise...

Wed., Jan. 2: 5.1 dreadmiles
Fri., Jan. 4: 5.1 dreadmiles
Sat, Jan. 5: Garmin says 5.55 mi
Sun, Jan. 6: Rowed 5K; did 5 elliptimiles

Tue., Jan. 8: 5.25 dreadmiles
Wed., Jan. 9: Garmin says 5.5 mi
Fri., Jan. 11: Garmin says 10K (6.2 mi)
Sat., Jan. 12: 11 miles of hills at Queeny Park

Tue., Jan.15: 5.25 dreadmiles
Wed., Jan. 16: 5.5 dreadmiles
Fri., Jan. 18: 4.25 dreadmile walk

Sunday, January 6, 2013

End of the Year Round-Up

Sure is easier to run when you can breathe. Wrap-up for December to start the counts for 2013 going...

Dec. 14: Garmin sez 5.5 mi
Dec. 18: 5 mi on the dreadmill
Dec. 19: 5 mi on the dreadmill
Dec. 21: 5 mi on the dreadmill (sense a pattern forming?)
Dec. 22: 5 mi on the Elliptical Machine of Death
Dec. 23: Garmin sez 6.1 mi around Carondolet Park
Dec. 24: 8.5 mi walk with A at Fenton City Park
Dec. 25: rowed 5 mi
Dec. 26: 7 mi on the dreadmill
Dec. 27: Garmin sez 5.25 mi
Dec. 29: Garmin sez 5.25 mi - in the snow!
Dec. 30: 12 mi walk with A in Forest Park
Dec. 31: 5 mi on the Elliptical Machine of Death

If I have my totals right, that gives me a total of 1013.39 miles running and walking; 48.1 miles on the EMD, and 5 miles rowed. I did want to have over 1200 miles for the year, but lost a few months while I was trying to get the loss of endurance thing figured out. (Stupid BP meds. Stupid EIA.)

Anyway... onward. Allons-y!