Saturday, April 27, 2013

I See Camels

... or at least, the spirits of camels! After a month of knitting, this is finally done: a blanket made of camel down. The pattern and yarn were my February shipment of the Bare Naked Knitspot yarn club, wherein we receive undyed and unique fibers of all types. February was camel! And the yarn came via the Snow Leopard Trust, spun by women in Mongolia. You can buy your own here: Snow Leopard Trust.

I bartered for an extra skein and added a repeat on for more width. Unblocked, it is 36" wide x 48" long. I love it. Unfortunately, so does one of the cats... I can't keep her off it. I love that the color changes remind me that several camels contributed to this effort.

Blanket knitted in camel yarn

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Don't Mess with Runners

We may fall, but we get right back up again. We know what it is to hurt, and to keep going in spite of it. Just when we think we can't take another step, we cover another mile. And we do not give up. Ever.

Last Saturday I joined a number of people in St. Louis in a run to remember the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing, and show our support for their healing. The St. Louis Unity Run for Boston was an impromptu event, but even with the short lead time, our local running community rose to the occasion. There were t-shirts for sale (with proceeds going to The One Fund), 'race' numbers, water, and participation by many of the running clubs and shops around the metro area. It was great to see the turnout. The course was rumored to be somewhere between 2-3 miles, but I did a 1-mile warm-up, then peeled away from the group a bit past half way to do a full loop of the park. Total for the day: around 6.5 miles. I'd pledged to cover at least 26.2 mi for the week, and ended up with 29.1 mi for the week.

Catching up...

Mon., 3/11 - yoga
-interruption for massive case of lung aliens-
Mon., 3/18 - yoga
Tue., 3/19 - 4 mi walk/run on the 'mill
Wed., 3/20 - 4.25 mi walk/run (recovering...)
Fri., 3/22 - 5 mi TM
Sat., 3/23 - Garmin says 6.3 mi
Sun., 3/24 - 5K  row, 5K elliptical

Mon., 3/25 - yoga
Tue., 3/26 - 5 mi TM
Wed., 3/27 - 5.25 mi TM
Fri., 3/29 - 5.5 mi TM
Sat., 3/30 - Garmin says 6.1 mi (new shoes!)
Sun., 3/31 - Garmin says 7 mi

Mon, 4/1 - yoga
Tue., 4/2 - 5.25 mi TM
Wed., 4/3 - 5/5 mi TM
Fri., 4/5 - Garmin says 5.5 mi
Sat., 4/6 - Garmin says 6.35 mi
Sun., 4/7 - Garmin say 6 mi

Mon., 4/8 - yoga
Tue., 4/9 - 5.6 mi (outside all week...)
Wed., 4/10 - 5.55 mi
Fri., 4/12 - 5.75 mi
Sun., 4/14 - 7.55 mi

Mon., 4/15 - yoga
Tue., 4/16 - ran 1:17:26.2 on the 'mill (6 mi)
Wed., 4/17 - Garmin says 5.5 mi
Fri., 4/19 - 5.5 mi TM
Sat., 4/20 - approx. 6.5 mi FP (St. Louis Unity Run for Boston)
Sun., 4/21 - Garmin says 5.6 mi

Mon., 4/22 - yoga
Tue., 4/23 - Garmin says 5.65 mi