Sunday, April 8, 2012

Little Workshop of Wood Shavings

Woot! Electric is in, all the correct accessories obtained (including face shield and fire extinguisher), and the home lathe shop is ready to go. After finishing assembling all.the.things, I finally got a chance to turn something at home. First up... a big pile of wood shavings.

Go big, or go home
LOL - there's actually a small project in that mess... I did an easy piece to get the feel of my own tools. It's a top for a bottle/wine stopper, out of padauk. Nothing like starting off with a colorful bang.

Bottle stopper top out of padauk
We'll see how long the current shop vac survives with all the woodturning clean-up.

Still keeping up with The Schedule... at least it's been nice enough outside that I haven't been on the dreadmill in quite a while.

Tuesday: 6 mi. in 1:07:21 (5 mi = 55:55)
Wednesday: 5.5 mi in 1:01:43 (5 mi = 56:13)
Friday: 5.5 mi in 1:01:32 (5 mi =56:03)
Saturday afternoon: 5.5 mi in 1:00:57 (5 mi = 55:22)
Today: 6 mi in 1:08:32 (5 mi = 57:04)

Not much progress in the speed department... time to work on that, probably.

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