Friday, November 9, 2012

As the Lathe Turns: Bowl Edition

I signed up for another woodturning class at the Craft Alliance, with instructor Matt Keim. It's been a lot of fun - I hadn't turned bowls since the first class, and was quite out of practice. But I'm remembering how much I love it.

Class 1: Thin-walled bowls
L to R: Tulip Poplar; Sycamore (finished); Sycamore (unfinished)
I turned the bowl in the center in class, then practiced on the piece I brought home (on the right). The one on the left is Tulip Poplar, and a particularly dark piece at that. The two on the left have been finished with butcher-block oil.

Class 2: Natural-edge bowls
Cherry bowl, finished
In the second class, we tackled natural-edge bowls. I got a lovely piece of cherry to work on (above). It is also finished with butcher-block oil.

For practice: I tackled a piece I'd hacked at a few times over the summer - also cherry - but was destroying, rather than creating. I finally worked up the nerve to mount that, and finish it up. Far from perfect, but better than it was - and not a pile of wood chips.
Cherry bowl, finished
And - I had a neat piece of mimosa that had a lovely grain when turned. Yada yada, BB-oil.
Mimosa bowl, finished
Class 3 was a walnut bowl... I need to turn the foot off that this weekend, and get it sanded and finished.

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