Friday, February 10, 2012

A Mid-Winter's Break

As much as I like the seasons in the midwest, I could totally do without winter. At least, a winter I have to interact with - I hate that sensation of snot freezing inside your nose as you try to breath, or of frost forming on your eyeballs. I prefer to maintain sensation in my extremities, too.

So - it wasn't a tough decision to take a trip to Florida to celebrate my mom's birthday. I arrived Wednesday, and of course we had to walk out to the Caloosahatchee that evening to watch the sun set.

Me and Mom checking out the river.
Sunset along the Caloosahatchee
Thursday I started the day with a run - it was wonderful to be in t-shirt and shorts again. After that, Dad was working on booking cruise stuff, so Mom and I wandered out to pick up dinner. And have lunch. We got 'stuck' with a table right next to the water at Parrot Key.

It would have been so easy to just walk down a dock and take a boat...

Dinner was blue crab dip, shrimp and corn chowder, caprese salad, and stone crab. Key lime pie for dessert, too. Good thing I went for a run that morning...

Eating my way through Florida

And today, Mom's birthday, we went out to Sanibel. Low tide was just before noon, so it was perfect for shell-hunting. We couldn't have asked for a better day.

And, the birthday girl

Tomorrow, we'll see what the weather decides to do - possibly go out to Lover's Key and check things out there.

To catch up on that old exercise thing...
Tuesday: 5.25 mi on the dreadmill in 1:04:something (5 mi = 1:00:?)
Wednesday: travel!
Thursday: Garmin says 5.5 mi in 1:02:51 (5 mi = 57:13)
Today: walked at least 3.25 mi on the beach (I had the Garmin watch with me)

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