Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Snap Back to Reality

It was quite hard to leave this...

On Sanibel

and having fun like this...

At Bert's for a late lunch on Matlacha (if you couldn't tell from the sign).

but I need to pay the bills. It was a hell of a return, too - I came back to SNOW, and actually had to clean it off my car before I could drive. Drove home at a speedy 35mph in third gear,  and tried to downshift rather than brake. Took almost an hour, but I got home safely.

Today I got up and got back on the dreadmill... 5.25 mi in 1:05:something (5 mi = 1:02:?). Just like riding a bike. And, another welcome home... I now have a telephoto lens:

Damn, that's a big-un.
This is the shot of some houses - on the next block over:

... and a stealth shot of Kaje from across the room.

This could be fun.

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