Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I can see clearly now

The running (with some walking) week in review...

Last Tuesday: Garmin says 6.5mi in 1:19 (5mi = 1 hr on the nose)
Wednesday: Garmin says 5.5mi in 1:05:17 (5mi = 59:13)
Thursday: nada - rest/dye day
Friday: Garmin says 6.0mi in 1:12:38 (5mi = 59:45)
Saturday: Garmin says 5.5mi in 1:04:51 (5mi = 58:26)
Sunday: Benchmark new year's day 10K run/walk in 1:13:38 (5mi = 58:04)

Last week's total: 29.7 miles. If I'd had half a brain and done the math before I went out Sunday, I would have fit that extra .3 in somewhere. I'm sure I did 3x that at the gardens Saturday, but.. I didn't think about it then, so I'm not counting it.

This morning: back to 5am dreadmill nonsense: 5mi in 1:02. Still working on getting the 'mill 5-mile time under an hour - I'll have to change the scheduled walk intervals. Right now it's at 1.25mi.

Anyway... on to the fun stuff. I now have this in my possession:

I had accumulated enough points through work to make it mine. Now I just have to figure out how to use it. Properly. On New Year's Eve day, Paul suggested - since it was nearly 60F in the Loo - that we head to the Missouri Botanical Gardens so I could play with the camera. It was mid-afternoon by the time we got there, which meant the sun was already on its way down, but I still had some fun.
Carp in the lake in Seiwa-en, the Japanese Gardens
Green Poison Dart Frog, in the Temperate House display area
Not your usual angle - stone tower in Seiwa-en
Icicle pansies blooming outside the Climatron

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