Saturday, October 15, 2011

Offense? What Offense?

Today's run/walk: Garmin says 4.45 mi in 54:28.

Had to break out the capri tights again, but I probably should have gone with the running skirt. It's in that tricky place temperature-wise where it's so easy to under- or over-dress.

Anyway, I spent a good part of the day plying singles while watching the UM-MSU game. Silly me, I thought it would actually be a GOOD one. Instead, MIchigan's offense was non-existent. I think we gained more yards from State's penalties than actual, you know, offense. And State was racking up penalties like there was a sale going on. Lots of personal fouls, plus some crap that wasn't caught by the officials. And some turnovers that Michigan should have capitalized upon, but no.

All in all, if it had been a movie at the theatre, I would've walked out long before the end. At least it wasn't time completely wasted - I did make some yarnz.

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