Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Bond... Healy Bond.

Monday: nada; rest day
Tuesday run/walk: 4.25mi in 54:25 on the dreadmill
Wednesday run/walk: 4.5mi in 58-something on the dreadmill

Last week's mileage: 23.4mi

Is this gorgeous, or what?

Bond fleece - from 'Healy'

This is three pounds of beautiful raw Bond fleece. It's from Healy, a Bond ewe, from Gleason's Fine Woolies in Lyons, CO. Healy's fleece was one of their show fleeces from this summer, and took both first place - fine colored ewe and reserve champion in the same class at the 2011 Colorado State Fair. The staple is 3-4", and I believe Joanna said it was rated at 60-62s on the Bradford Scale. (That's approaching some Merino fleeces for softness.) It's so cool that Joanna sends the ribbons along with the fleece.

Bond is a breed that was developed in Australia in the early 1900s, crossing Saxon-Peppin Merino to Lincoln. For a while, it was considered to be a "commercial Corriedale" breed, as Corriedales also were developed from Merino/Lincoln crosses. Both fleeces can be excellent for handspinners. The Bond, in the experience I've had with it, seems to have a finer crimp than Corriedale.

Oh, yeah. That's some gorgeous fiber. I'll be scouring and carding that myself - with just three pounds, I'd lose way too much with a commercial processor. So... the drum carder and I will have some quality time coming up soon.

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