Sunday, November 27, 2011

A Little Plumbing Indigestion

Thursday's run/walk: Garmin says 5.25mi in 1:04:46
Friday: nada; rest day
Saturday's run/walk: Garmin says 5.25mi again in 1:03:12 - WOOT: hit 5mi in 59 min. Finally got below an hour.
Sunday's run/walk: 4.5mi on the dreadmill in 59:09

Last week's mileage: 23.75mi

So... it appears I am in need of a plumber:

Not quite a swimming hole... thankfully.
That's after the pretty foamy lake finally drained.

My first clue something was amiss was standing in the basement bathroom hanging roving to dry. The toilet started urping up big bubbles. Then the sink joined the conversation. After a long WTF pause… I stepped out to where the washer was to see a nice foamy lake forming. <insert expletives here>

After it all died down, I pried the lid off the floor drain. I used a paint scrapper to clean ick off the bottom of it, then the handle of one of those silicone-tube-pusher-thingies to fish out a hunk of accumulated dog hair. Bleh. There’s not enough soap in the house to wash my hands now. Ewwww.

I think if a snake had popped up out of the toilet, I would have handled that better.

Anyway, it looks like my project for Monday will be finding a plumber to come in and tell me how expensive this will be.


  1. That sounds like a bummer... an icky one, at that. Good luck!

  2. Thanks! Yes, I'm torn between wanting to know what's wrong, or going along with my blissful ignorance of all things plumbing.