Tuesday, November 1, 2011

When the Music Talks, I Listen

Yesterday's run/walk: treadmill clocked at 4.25mi in 55:22. (Total of 3K run, 1.15mi walk)

Today's run/walk: Garmin says 5 mi in 1:03:10.

Last week's mileage: 18.61mi

It was a beautiful morning to be out. Not too cold, perfectly clear sky, bright stars. Orion was watching from overhead. Very few people are awake then - I can run down the street to avoid the uneven sidewalks, and rarely have to move for a car. Just the usual suspects circling the park or doing boot camp exercises.

I was about two-thirds of the way around my first loop of the park when I heard it... a light piano riff through my earphones. 'Bugger', I thought. That segued into the rhythmic dun-dun-dun-dun dun-dun-dun-dun dunh-dunh-dunh-dunh dunh-dunh-dunh-dunh...

I looked up from the sidewalk. Yep, that's an uphill. Double-bugger. It was my speedwork song... Eminem's Lose Yourself. No matter when, or where... if it comes on, it's speedwork time. Even if it's at 6am on a dark morning on an uphill.

So I double-timed it around the park, and it was good. I was tempted to start the song over again when it ended, but then common sense took hold and I let the iPod move on to its next random song.

In the east, the horizon was just beginning to glow. I headed toward it, letting the music carry me home.

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